From today you are in
control of your IoT Privacy!

DEHYPER – in one click! – the Internet of Things are becoming instantly Fully Private & Secure.

With DEHYPER you are in control of all your IoT apparatus.

You are in control of your data Privacy & Security.

DEHYPER is a future-proof IoT solution. Looking years ahead in terms of security and privacy of the Internet of Things in our lives.

With DEHYPER you always remain in control and decide what information is shared, with whom, when and where.     How? Learn more!

Are you ready to be in control of the
Internet of Things in Your Life?

We keep your privacy protected.

Turn-on your IoT privacy by using DEHYPER.

In a time of Hyper Connectivity, in which everything is interconnected, you as a user no longer have the ability to keep control on all devices -, DEHYPER offers an unique form of de-evolution.

More than 75 billion IoT apparatus (by 2025) are influencing our lives. Don’t you think it is our right to be in control of our lives.
Are you in control? With DEHYPER you are.

With DEHYPER you prevent your home from becoming one big eavesdropping and easy hackable system.

With DEHYPER it is all in your hands.
Your life. You decide. You control.


From today you can choose.

You can select what time you want to turn on the camera and microphone on your surveillance system, or simply improve data protection on the smartwatches of your kids. You select your level of Privacy and Security.

With DEHYPER + APP, you are in control.

DEHYPER means improving your Privacy and Security to the utmost standards in your life with cutting-edge technology.

DEHYPER provides protection, security and control over a growing number of IoT devices in our daily lives;

  • You decide what data you want to share.
  • Turn off the microphone on your kids toys.
  • When you arrive at home, turn off the camera.
  • Disable the GPS location functionality at any given time.
  • Secure your audio transmissions on your webcam.
  • Choose where your personal data is stored.
  • Purchase IoT devices with DEHYPER installed.




DEHYPER is now available for IoT manufacturers and producers.
Be responsible. Give your consumers more Privacy & Security.

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