IoT > Smart Cities

Interconnected devices (IoT, Internet of Things) are becoming more essential for the functioning of our society and smart cities. As billions of people are interconnected and linked to our (critical) infrastructure.

An insignificant IoT incident can have significant repercussions which may disrupt the network of a distribution park, smart neighborhood, municipality, province or country etc. As a result, the economy can suffer enormous consequences, people may be injured or even worse. Such a situation may arise at any time.

As we gradually depend more on interconnected IoT and networks, it is of the utmost importance to possess preemptive measures against malicious activities. We have a duty to protect our IoT end-users and citizens against all types of cyber-crime such as: brute-force, cyber attacks, extremist hacks, botnets, etc.

DEHYPER has features to protect the entire IoT infrastructure.

Pro-Active & Future-Proof

DEHYPER is a proactive future-proof IoT privacy and security solution in which providers and consumers work together to maintain control over the Internet of Things in our lives.

As our infrastructure relies on Interconnectivity and Internet of Things, proactive protection is a necessity. Anyone looking ahead in time can conclude that in 2030 every household is fully interconnected, everything is interconnected and also has a connection with society and critical infrastructure in our country.

Fear of IoT has become notable; 86% of consumers fear that the risk of becoming a victim of a cyber crime is increasing.

DEHYPER > Pro-Active & Future-Proof Smart Cities

Secure Future of Living

DEHYPER is a necessary IoT solution which offers permanent protection and security to vulnerable infrastructure.

The total solution lies within the society, private sector and government. By cooperating altogether, it is possible to stop future DDOS attacks by means of interconnectivity to prevent intelligent IoT devices in becoming “zombie” devices which can disturb the (critical) infrastructure at any given moment. It is recommended to be future-proof, and not only focus on short-term solutions, but a long-term solution which can last decades and protect everyone from the source of the vulnerabilities and exploits.

Providers and manufacturers can install DEHYPER software to new- and existing IoT devices with minimal effort. By deploying DEHYPER, every IoT device can become future-proof in terms of privacy.

IoT Privacy & Security by Design and Default.