Future of Security & Privacy

The number of interconnected devices is growing by the day, millions of new interconnected devices every day. Ninety percent of these IoT devices lack standard privacy and security safeguards.

Future Proof Privacy: What if there was a future-proof IoT Security & Privacy solution that allows IoT producers to implement functions and features to their devices that might be interesting in upcoming years and keep them disabled till the time required?

Regulations Proof Privacy: What if there was a regulation-proof IoT Security & Privacy solution that is both user- and developer friendly, which can be implemented with minimal effort and instantly protects the IoT device and its network.

Future & Regulations Proof Security & Privacy

Future of Living & Society

As the evolution of the digitalization age is getting closer every day. we are on the brink of meeting the first AI (Artificial Intelligence) robots and have drones flying by in our cities, but would we not like to know who is controlling them? Besides that, are they secured sufficiently?

What if emergency drones during calamities are hacked and started falling out of the skies, or being used against the citizens that they were to protect. What are the privacy and self-defense functionalities in the design? DEHYPER.

One of the major concerns of citizens regarding AI (Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning), robots and drones is user-data privacy and network security. Stealing, eavesdropping or even tampering must be prevented at all times. But how? With DEHYPER.

The ultimate future IoT Privacy & Security solution.


From today you can choose!

Do you purchase IoT devices that you do not control.
Or do you want IoT apparatus that control your life?

With DEHYPER + APP you are in control.

DEHYPER means improving your Privacy and Security to the utmost standards in your life with cutting-edge technology.

DEHYPER provides protection, security and control over a growing number of IoT devices in our daily lives;

  • You decide what data you want to share.
  • Turn off the microphone on your kids toys.
  • When you arrive at home, turn off the camera.
  • Disable the GPS location functionality at any given time.
  • Secure your audio transmissions on your webcam.
  • Choose where your personal data is stored.
  • Purchase IoT devices with DEHYPER installed.