Better Security & Privacy!

Due to the lack of privacy and security on IoT devices, consumers eventually become victims of malicious cyber attacks which as a result, your consumers may lose trust in your products, brands or the entire IoT market.

The BEUC (Bureau Européen des Unions de Consommateurs), the European consumer organisation states in its position paper about “Cyber Security for Connected Products” in which a EU policy to reduce cybersecurity risks is urgently needed.

Starting with the GDPR in 2018, the first steps are to be made with multiple European consumers rights, security and privacy IoT policies.

Increase Cyber Security – User Privacy – Physical Safety with DEHYPER!

Privacy & Security by Design.

Did you know that most of the connected devices available in the European Market are designed and manufactured without the implementation of the most basic security safeguards in their software?

In November 2017, four global and European consumer organisations, including BEUC and ANEC, published general recommendations in how to preserve consumer rights, privacy and implement security core measures of the Internet of Things.

“In order to gain trust of the Internet of Things, consumers must be assured that the purchased IoT products or services are secured and protected from software and hardware vulnerabilities and exploits. For this to happen, security by design and by default must become a top priority.”

Be EU Security & Privacy compliant. Get DEHYPER!

Lets start with DEHYPER.

According to the research conducted by the ENISA, 86% of consumers fear that the risk of becoming a cybercrime victim is increasing. The consumers require protection and privacy for every device.

DEHYPER makes it possible for the consumers (end-users) to set your PRIVACY and SECURITY levels within every IoT device at the press of a button. DEHYPER users can determine the security and privacy level and decide which functions to disable at any given time.

DEHYPER give IoT end-users improved cyber security, personal privacy and physical safety which adheres to the utmost standards.

DEHYPER includes (complimentary) IDM IoT Device Management, a tailor-made MDM (Mobile Device Management) for any IoT apparatus. Providing unauthorised access protection and secure update features.

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From today you can choose!

Do you purchase IoT devices that you do not control.
Or do you want IoT apparatus that control your life?

With DEHYPER + APP you are in control.

DEHYPER means improving your Privacy and Security to the utmost standards in your life with cutting-edge technology.

DEHYPER provides protection, security and control over a growing number of IoT devices in our daily lives;

  • You decide what data you want to share.
  • Turn off the microphone on your kids toys.
  • When you arrive at home, turn off the camera.
  • Disable the GPS location functionality at any given time.
  • Secure your audio transmissions on your webcam.
  • Choose where your personal data is stored.
  • Purchase IoT devices with DEHYPER installed.