Privacy by Design & Default.

Improve the security and privacy on all your IoT Products by using DEHYPER technology.

DEHYPER is a technology that allows:

1) Privacy as Design:
Producers preset privacy, cyber security and physical safety measures.
Including IDM > IoT Device Management (IoT MDM) for secure updates.

2) Privacy as Default:
Consumers to set their own personalized privacy and security settings.

DEHYPER offers the solution for all IoT devices. With DEHYPER, every IoT device becomes FUTURE-PROOF in the field of Security, Privacy and Safety in the blink of an eye. DEHYPER is compliant with all the established requirements derived from the EU Regulations and Consumer rights.

Are you IoT Security & Privacy Compliant ?

Lets start with DEHYPER.

Excellent IoT Security and Privacy does not have to be difficult, time-consuming or expensive. DEHYPER is economical, effortless, swift, manageable and sustainable. Security and Privacy made easy.

Choose your own level of IoT Privacy and Security:

• Instant (on/-offline) protection of IoT device by enabling / disabling features using DEHYPER’s; iCe (intelligent Code engineering) or iPe (intelligent Program execution).

• Be consumer friendly. Give your (on/-offline) IoT users control to determine their desired level of privacy & security, by utilizing DEHYPER I/O’s PRIVACY APP / UI (intelligent Privacy interface).

• Including IDM. IoT Device Management (IoT Mobile Device Management) to preform secure Over-The-Air updates as complimentary to both iCe and iPe.

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Get More with DEHYPER+

DEHYPER+ is an extension of the DEHYPER technology which delivers wireless IoT security. As managing user data is becoming a necessity, it is recommended to be entirely GDPR compliant. DEHYPER+ is GDPR compliant, safe, secure and future-proof adhering to the utmost standards.

• Connect your IoT devices securely with DEHYPER’s SPN (Secure Private Networking) to securely (with NATO certified encryption) transfer user data to any big-data cloud.

• Connect your IoT devices with the GSCC (GDPR Secure Certified Cloud) whereby all settings will be EU GDPR compliant.

• Connect your (complimentary) secure IDM IoT Device Management to the GDPR Compliant IDMS (IoT Device Management System).

Start Today with DEHYPER and DEHYPER+